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1. The account number must be referenced on all paperwork and purchase orders.


2. These funds may only be used for the grant outlined and approved at a Foundation meeting. Any changes to your grant affecting the use of funds must be received in writing and approved by the Avon Lake City Schools Foundation before purchases are made.


3. Purchase orders should be completed and signed by your administrator prior to purchases being made.


4. Funds will be available after July 15th; purchase orders can be completed now but must be dated after July 15th. Please follow your school's requisition process to access funds.


5. All funds that are unused by May 1st of next year will be forfeited.


6. All equipment, materials, and supplies for your grant remain the property of Avon Lake City Schools.


7. Whenever possible, recognition must given to the Avon Lake City Schools Foundation for their support of the program, activity, or project.

8. By accepting this award, you agree to allow the Avon Lake City Schools Foundation to use any 

parts of the project or award for promotional materials in support of their mission.


9. You must submit a final grant evaluation to the Avon Lake City Schools Foundation. If

possible, please include pictures of the project. If a final report is not received, you will be 

ineligible for future grants.


10. Signed copy should be returned to:

Avon Lake City Schools Foundation

PO Box 231

Avon Lake, OH 44012

If you have any questions regarding a grant request, please contact us at

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