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The Avon Lake City Schools Foundation (ALCSF) was established in 1986 to provide a stable, permanent source of funding for student learning experiences not covered by the school budget. Grants awarded by the ALCSF enrich and enhance academics, the arts, physical and social-emotional development, and other extracurricular activities. Funded projects have provided new programming, new technology, and additional learning opportunities for every student in the Avon Lake City School District. The ALCSF is funded through the generosity of parents, teachers and staff, community members, and alumni.

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Please consider a contribution to help the Avon Lake City Schools Foundation keep our schools a place where our children are challenged and enriched every day. No amount is too small (or too great) - the more our community participates, the more we can do for the children of Avon Lake. To make your online donation, please click on the Avon Lake Schools Foundation Endowment Fund button below.