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The purpose of the Avon Lake City Schools Foundation is to support projects that enrich and enhance student learning beyond the scope of normal required school expenditures and the required course of study. 

The ALCSF Board of Trustees evaluate and award mini-grants and annual grants for innovative projects in academics, the arts, technology, and social-emotional wellness.  Over $300,000 in grant money has been awarded since the Foundation’s inception in 1986.  Recent grants awarded are listed under the Grant History tab.

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The Annual Grant financial distribution is a result of the interest earned on the principal amount of tax-deductible contributions made to the Foundation. Annual Grant applications must be received by April 15. These grants can be written for any dollar amount. These funds will be released in July for the following school year.

Mini-Grants can be requested for any amount.  All of these grants follow the same criteria as the Annual Grant. Mini-Grants are currently awarded in October and January of each school year.

Please click here to view and complete our Grant Application:

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