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2021 Grants

Lisa Harasimchuk - Avon Lake District - Fine Motor Activities 

2020 Grants

David Dick - Erieview - Forest Day and Birding

Janeece Ansevin,Marieugenia Bresnahan, Jen Farney, Dina Marsala, and Beth Randazzo - ALHS, Learwood, and Troy- FVR Library in French and Spanish 

Matthew Williams - ALHS- Implementing Ergonomic Best Practices in Design

Erin Cheney and Vishtap Nuggud - Learwood - Interactive Lessons: Learning in the 21st Century

Amy Poporad - Eastview - Student Involvement Improved

Heather Kaminski - ALHS - Greenhouse Renewal Project

Erin Cheney and Vishtap Nuggud - Learwood - VEX Robotics at Learwood

2019 Grants

Hilary Bickerton & Krystine Frisch - ALHS - Author visit for Mudbound

Chris Wolf - ALHS - Racing to Physics Glory

Cathy Brady & Alice Ogonek - All elementary schools - Building Great Engineers

Linda Romito - Erieview - Playaway on an Adventure

Nicole Slivinski - Westview - The Sensory Path

Kathy Walker - Erieview - Xylophones, Bass Bars and Drums, Oh My

Cathy Brady & Alice Ogonek - Innovative Coding with Spheros            

Sara Austin - Erieview - 3rd Grade Renewable Energy Science Lab

Nick Moore and Dave Schindler - Erieview & Westview  - Potential Power with 3D Printing

Cathy Brady - All elementary schools - Learn Coding with Drones

Sarah Fleming and Jim Johnson -Learwood- Wellness Program at Learwood

Patty Augustine - Learwood- Raising Real Readers

David Dick - Erieview - I'll Tumble 4 U Mini Ball 

 Danielle Dutton - LEAPS/Redwood- Book Binding

2018 Grants

Anna Walters – Learwood - Breaking Out of World Studies

Kristin Castrilla & Anna Walters – Learwood - Integrating English/Language Arts in the Social Studies Classroom Using the Novel Motel of Mysteries

Christopher Ewald – Learwood - Woodwind Quintet Clinic

Patty Augustine – Learwood - Biography Press Conference

David Dick - Westview, Erieview, Redwood - Geomotion for Motion & Learning to Live

*Elizabeth Baker  - Westview - Magformers

*Julie Norris  - Westview - Tiggly Technology for Tots

*Melissa Hille & Jessica Harlan – Westview -  Circle of Friends

*Megan Lange & Grace Kauffman  - Westview - Flexible Reading Seating

Nicole Slivinski – Westview -  Learning to Live

Debbie Wakefield – LEAPS -Sensory Bins for Language Development

Lisa Zaworski - LEAPS - Diversity in the Classroom

Michelle Swislocki - Eastview - Sub-Contra and Contra Bass bars and 3 mallets

Jeanette Smith - Eastview - 3D Printer

Rebecca Bain - Troy - 5th Grade Band /Orchestra Instrument Introduction Night

Renee Delotel, Gwen Smith, Ada O'Connor - Erieview -STEMtastic Centers

Brenda Jones - Erieview - Tiggly Numbers & Tiggly Shapes

Cathy Brady & Alice Ogonek – Redwood - Robotics in the Elementary Classroom

Bridget Patton - Redwood - IXL Program for Chromebooks

Cathy Brady – Redwood - Hands on Circuits & Adding Art to Technology

TJ Ebert - All elementary schools - One District, One Book

John Gill - ALHS - Foucault Pendulum

Chris Wolf - ALHS - Break Out of the Classroom

Holly Haputa - ALHS - Literacy and Language Acquisition in the World Language Classroom

Gregory Svec - ALHS - Robotics Club


2017 Grants

Rebecca Bain, Katherine Holaway – Troy - 5th grade Band/Orchestra Instrument Introduction Night

Michelle Swislocki – Eastview - “All About That Bass”

David Dick - Westview,Erieview, Redwood  - Cuter School Scooters

Ann Speier, Kendra Fogarty – Eastview, Erieview, Redwood - Second Step: Skills for Learning for Kindergarten

Jessica Harlan, Nicole Slivinski – Westview - Wobble Seats

Lisa Petrella - Westview - Standing Desks for  Students

Sarah Marsden - Redwood - Total Reader Program for Grades 3&4 reading intervention students

Danielle Swann - LEAPS/Redwood - Sensory Integration Program & Storage System

Brenda Jones - Erieview - Osmo Technology Friends in the Classroom

Cathy Brady – Erieview, Redwood -  Steam:  Beyond the Bridge

Betsy Cantleberry, Julie Bartter – Eastview - Sensory Kids

Alyssa Soloff – Eastview - Buddy Bench

Jessica Bomback – Westview - Look What's Hatchin'

Patty Forte, Sara Austin – Erieview - Student Council Welcome Wagon

Melissa Hille, Jessica Harlan – Westview - Circle of Friends

Sarah Lee – Learwood - Nonfiction Science Reading

Cathy Brady, Alice Ogonek - All elementary schools - Adding Art Across the Content Areas

Gerry Vogel – District wide - Student Coding Club at Avon Lake Public Library

Jennifer Fazio, Megan Miller - LEAPS/Redwood - Recognizing Diversity in the Classroom

TJ Ebert - All elementary schools - One District, One Book

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